Friday, July 10, 2009

Take Me Out to a Ball Game ....

**** Okay, everyone... I am going to try to play catch up on all my blogging.Boy am I way behind. Summer has been more busy than I thought..!! Aren't summers supposed to be LAZY. That is how I remembered it as a teenager, sleeping in till 11ish, and playing all day. It isn't quite the same as a mom. Instead I am running here and there, fixing lunch, finding snacks, looking for swimsuits, doing more laundry than usual. Bathing kids almost everyday because they are so dirty!!
Well anyways, I am going to let my house go downhill and let my kids fend for themselves for a couple of hours and see if I can catch up on all the fun we have been having this summer. So stay tuned and make sure to read them all. *****

A couple of weeks ago we were able to go with my sister Becca and her family to the Mariners game. She was able to get tickets through her ward for LDS night. Who knew they had such a thing. Anyways, I hadn't been to a ball game forever. It seems like I have always had a little one, so I sent the boys and stayed home. I had a lot of fun. We invited Grandpa too. The kids enjoyed the peanuts and cracker jacks (that Grandpa was nice enough to buy on the street, since my kids were dissapointed they didn't have any at the local Safeway.)

Tommy and Ethan are getting to an age where they really enjoy the game. They were sad when we left early, but at the point we were losing by 7 points and it didn't look like the M's had much hope at the point. Plus my babysitter was having a hard time getting little Brody to sleep.

Davie and Blake on the other hand, had a lot of fun, but I seriously don't know if they even knew there was a game going on. Davie was so in to the train he would hear go buy all the time. At one point it went by and everyone started clapping because someone hit the ball. But Davie said, "hey.. everyone is clapping for the train." It was so funny. Like I said, he was clueless that there was a baseball game going on. But you can't blame him, when you only purchased the cheap seats. It was so much fun though. I need to take time to do more things like this with my kids.

Thanks for the invite Becca.

Of course, I didn't bring my Camera so the only shots I got were from Becca. She was exhuasted from Scout camp and not in the picture taking mood, so I only got a few shots.


theamazingjohnsons said...

I LOVE that picture of you and Blake. You look so cute!

Mark and Jennifer said...

What fun! I'm sorry I was sick and couldn't go.

nea and rusty said...

looks like your boys had a blast! it's a cute photo of you and blake. thanks for sharing.