Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our "Field Trip" to Portland, OR

This week was Tommy's Spring Break. IT was such a rainy week. By the end we were all climbing off the walls. Eric had Friday off. He came home from a meeting late Thursday night, and he could tell I was exhausted. We talked about the week and then decided to do something fun as a family. We got online, booked a priceline hotel in Portland OR. We were lucky, and got the Hilton in Lake Oswego, OR. (Right next to the LDS Portland Temple). We were also lucky that the hotel we got had a pool!!

I must say this was an awesome trip.Or as Blake kept calling it a "Field Trip" The kids were so excited just to stay in a hotel,go swimming and go to McDonald's! It really doesn't take much to please them. What I think they enjoyed the most though, was the getaway. Mom and Dad didn't have chores to do. The phone didn't keep ringing. We got to give our kids our full undivided attention. And I can tell they loved every minute of it. It just reminded me how fun my little kids are. How fast they are growing up. And how we need to take a moment and enjoy it! It was worth putting the laundry on hold.

Here are some pics. I am still playing with all the settings on my camera. I wouldn't say that I got a "perfect shot" this time. But I did capture some fun memories.

On The Road - Our Field Trip

Blake and Brody cuddling in the "Really big Hotel Bed"

Blake and Tommy playing in the Pool.

Tommy jumping over Eric in the pool. Blurry pic, but Tommy is quite proud of it.

Cute Pic of Blake

Tommy and Blake fighting all the bad guys on the Temple Grounds. (Believe it or not, they couldn't find a one.)

Brody and I looking at the Temple

The boys were sad that they couldn't go in the Temple. But I know they felt the spirit on the temple grounds.

Another cute pic. ( Are you getting bored yet??? Sorry there are so many pics. I always have a hard time choosing.)

Nice Pic of the Portland Temple and satue of Captain Moroni

Tommy looks mad, but it is actually his cool face.

By the Waterfall!!

The END!!

We had so much fun, Tommy asked if we can make this a tradition every Spring Break, and I think we just might!!


Courtney said...

You're totally doing great :) It's nice to get out and do something fun!

Mark and Jennifer said...

What a cool idea! Very simple, but lots of great memories!

roydenpauline said...

I am not board with all the pics. I love it and can't wait to see them Thurs. Yahoooooo!!! Mom

Kidd Family said...

I love that you guys went and did this!... although, kinda jealous. It sounds so fun! Love all your pics... especially the one of you and Brody and the one of Blake and Brody.

The Dillon 6 said...

What a GREAT field trip!! I love it. Great job with the pics!

It's funny...I think that as parents we tend to think that we have to do something big and grand to make an impression on our kids. When, in fact, it is the small and simple things that stay with them the most! :)

Bonnie said...

How fun. I've heard the Portland temple is just gorgeous. Your pictures are really great.

The Stringham 4 said...

Fun! I'm glad you went. It sounds like just what everyone needed!

Jaime said...

Sounds like fun. You were in our neck of the woods too. If we hadn't of been out of town, we could have met up for dinner. I enjoyed all your pictures. YOu have yet to tell us what kind of camera you got.

Shawna said...

I LOVE the pictures! They are great Maria! I'm so glad you guys got to get away, you deserved it! And can you believe that just last weekend you were all bundled up in ski hats!? What a great way to end spring break. :) Glad you guys had fun.

Annalisa and Jacob said...

What a fun idea! I'm glad you guys were able to get out of the house and do something fun!

nea and rusty said...

looks like sooo much fun; and you did great capturing some memorable moments. lots of special times for your boys!

WalterFamily said...

I think Tommy's cool face is the best! He does look pretty cool!