Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blessing Day

Today we had the opportunity to bless Brody. Eric gave a wonderful blessing. Brody is such a sweet little boy. I can't wait to see what his little personality is going to be and how he will add to our family and fit into this world.

It was so nice to have so many family and friends come and be a part of this special day. All my brothers and sisters family came (except for Jason because he lives so far away.) Eric's parents flew up from Utah and Eric's uncle Scott and my friend Bekki and her family came as well.

I had my sister take some pictures for me. Here are some of our favorites:

Tommy sure adores his little brother Brody. This picture made me smile!! I think Brody was looking for food. :)


The Stringham 4 said...

What sweet pictures! I LOVE that second one of him. Sorry Catie and I didn't make it to the lunch, she needed a nap!

Park Family said...

Great pictures. The one of Tommy and Brody is so cute!

Mark and Jennifer said...

What a fun day and special memory his blessing was. And how could a grandma feel more loved than to have 6 children wanting to sit by her in church. I loved having everyone over after church! Love the pictures and I love the second picture and the last. All you boys make me smile!

The Dillon 6 said...

so cute!! I love those days!!

When I asked Audrey and Ethan how it went yesterday, Audrey replied, "Oh he's STILL so CUTE!! I just LOVE him!!"

Annalisa and Jacob said...

Cute little boy!! I'm sorry I wasn't there! I'm so sad that I missed it, but the girls were sick. Bummer!

Jaime said...

Can I just say that you look fabulous Maria! I can't believe you recently had a baby. I love all the pictures. brody sure is a cute little boy, as all your boys are. Glad his blessing day was perfect in every way.