Monday, June 23, 2008

Our First (of many) Trips to NW Trek...

As I mentioned before, for Mother's day Eric renewed our zoo pass and upgraded to the zoo/NW trek combo. So this last Saturday, we packed a picnic, packed up the boys and headed off the the trek. We had a lot of fun, and plan to go back as much as we can to get our money's worth out of the pass, and because the boys loved every minute of it.

Lucky for us this weekend ended up being the annual Slug Fest 2008. How perfect for my boys. They love anything creepy, crawly and slimy, so this was right up there alley.

Tommy and Eric earned there bachelor's degree in slugolgy.

There were slug races, a slug scavanger hunt and Tommy and blake got to eat slug slime (not real of course).

Plus on top of it being Slug Fest, we got to go on the trolly that takes you around the park and shows you all the cool big animals up close. It was a lot of fun.


Mark and Jennifer said...

It makes me chuckle that we in the great northwest celebrate SLUGS! I can just imagine that your boys were in heaven -- as well as Eric. What a fun place for boys to just roam around! You look rather nice in that picture of you and Blake!

The Stringham 4 said...

What fun! Cute pictures - I can't believe how grown up Blakey is looking!