Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Boy Names

Hello Everyone- I am looking for some good baby boy names. I really thought I was having a girl, so the boys names I had picked out we are not all that sure about. I like the name Tanner, but mny sister said that it reminds her of the neighborhood dog which would chase her. She has threatened that when she babysits she will only whistle for my son like a dog if I name it Tanner. We also like Luke, but are not a 100% on that one either. So we are looking for good ideas. Send your favoarite boy names our way. Thanks for your help.


jjstringham said...

Sorry. I'm not much help. It took us FOREVER to decide on Ryan. Good luck though!

The Stringham 4 said...

Ooh yay, an invitation to suggest baby names! I'm in heaven!

Let's see. Brian would be upset if I didn't suggest Brian, so there you go. What middle name are you thinking of? My favorites are:


Hmm...I just realized those are all "traditional" (and almost all biblical) Here's some "non-traditional":


That's all I can come up with. Good luck!

theamazingjohnsons said...

I really like Luke. That is actually one we have thought of for a boy name. I also love Zachary and Jackson. Unfortunately, I will never get to use Jackson, because Jackson Johnson just sounds kind of cheesy.

The J's said...

I do LOVE the name Luke, what middle name are you thikning of with it?!? I also like the name Jack Mendenahll, I think Jackson is too long with your last name. What fun!!! I also like the names Chase and Shane.

Mark and Jennifer said...

I like the name Landon! Probably because I had the cutest little boy in my primary class named Landon! But, I also really like Luke.

The Stringham 4 said...

I also like Logan and Austin

Jaime said...

I wish you luck on this topic my friend. I can't give a suggestion because I'm saving my favorite boy name for our next kid whenever we have it. I am sure you will choose the most perfect name for your boy.

TheDillon6 said...

I like the name Luke...A bonus is that then you would have a Tommy, and Blakey and a Lukey. :)

Eli said...

I love the name Ian. But we won't use it because we are naming a boy Corban, and I think I'm having a girl anyway so...

Good luck. Naming is too stressful if I think about it, I just have to let it come to me. heh. :P


nea and rusty said...

My vote is for Luke. I like that one, and think it goes well with your other 2 boys' names as well as your last name. Good luck! Names are tough!

Tarando said...

I do like Luke. Other boy names I like and can't use are...

Alexander (Alex or Xander)

Good luck! It took us a LONG time to come up with Dallin. Which, is the best boy name ever. ;)

san said...

i think that you should take a peek at this list as it seems to have a lot of the names you guys like...

The Rigtrup Family said...

I happen to be partial to Tanner since I have one! If your wondering, he dosn't remind me of a dog at all. Although he might come to me if I wistle. I can promise you he dosn't fetch though.

Shannon said...

I love he names:

Henry (this is what I am naming a boy if I have one someday)


I also like the names you have picked out!

TheDillon6 said...

Maria one name- Nigel, no Luke's or Tanners but I am sure whatever his name he will be a cute one as his two brothers sure are!