Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So Here is Scoop!

Yes, I am pregnant. Yes I have been sick, but I would say so far it has been a tad bit better than how sick I got with Blake. I haven't had to go to the hospital yet. How far along am I??? I have no idea. Most of you don't know this but I actually miscarried at the end of January. Not long after I miscarried, maybe 4-6 weeks. I started feeling funny again. I called the Dr. thinking maybe I didn't actually miscarry. By my HGC levels they concluded that I did miscarry and this is a new pregnancy. So somehow I got pregnant 2 weeks after I miscarried. We think. Since I don't want to get as bad as I did with Blake I went to see the Dr. today to get some of the GOOD medicine. The Dr. and I guessed by my miscarriage date that I must be approx. 8 1/2 weeks pregnant. Today in the office he decided to check for the heartbeat. You usually don't hear the heartbeat in the office until 10-12 weeks, but for some reason he heard the heart beat right away. So now we are all confused.

Another interesting fact, since I am high risk for miscarriage due to my low progesterone levels they have been watching my levels very carefully. My HGC level jumped from my first appointment from 600-5000 then from 5000 to 35000. The Dr. then casually asked me if twins run in my family. So there is always that possibility. But if that was the case we probably wouldn't have heard the heartbeat so soon since twins are usually a lot smaller.

The good news is, since they are so baffled at trying to figure out how far a long I am. I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow at 9:50am. Then all my questions should be answered.

Now that I have my computer fixed, I will keep you updated. Unless I am in the bathroom puking my brains out. I shouldn't be though, since I got the good medicine today. Yippeee!!


TheDillon6 said...

I have so much empathy for you, my friend. The thought of being pregnant is so unappealing to me, too! I am so excited that you're having TWIN GIRLS! ;) hahaha. Can't wait to hear how it all goes down...and how the mystery is unraveled.

Move to our street!!!!!! We're watching the foreclosure for you, and Henry needs a new friend in Do-go. ;)

TheDillon6 said...

PS -- I wonder if it's possible that you miscarried one of two babies...?? And that you're actually closer to 11 weeks along??

Braden & Amanda said...

Yay! I am so excited for you guys! We find out on saturday what we're having and its so surreal! Cant wait to see how things progress with you!

The Kidds said...

i can't wait to hear about your ultrasound today!!!

theamazingjohnsons said...

soooo, I am dying to hear how things went at your ultrasound. I have been thinking about you ever since you told me about the possible twins thing.