Wednesday, May 9, 2007

75 Degree's and we are off to the Beach

Here are some fun pics of the boys and one of Tommy's friends Eli. WE took advantage of the sunny weather on Tuesday and went down to Redondo. The boys had so much fun. Blake ran straight for the water, lost his balance, fell down and got soaking wet but to my suprise he seemed to love every minute of it. He went back and did it again. I didn't even think to bring a swimsuit for either of them, I thought we would just play in the sand and have a picnic. I guess I know better for next time. Tommy, Eli and Eli's mom Stephanie went looking for Crabs and found lots of them. Tommy and Blake even decided it would be fun to wrestle on the beach. It was so much fun that I think we will be doing it a lot this summer. We are so lucky to have the beach so close.

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jjstringham said...

Next time we want to come too!